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Past Events

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IM2 Final Event The IM2 Final Event that will summarize 12 years of upscale research. Great Keynote Speakers, Start-Up Jamboree, Legacy sessions and much more. Please book your calendar.
2nd International Create Challenge 2013 The International Create Challenge is a free of charge, 3-week immersive super accelerator program that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to drive their projects to a Minimum Viable Product. It is a unique program combining state-of-art technologies and cutting edge research, mentors-lead coaching, micro-seed investment and a star prize of more than CHF 100’000.- . or more details about ICC & registration please, visit the website
Hérisson sous Gazon (15-16 juin 2013) IM2 et l'association des Alumni de IM2 (AIM2) participeront pour la 4ième fois au festival valaisan pour enfants « Hérisson sous gazon » en animant des ateliers scientifiques spécialement conçus pour le jeune public. Le festival a rassemblé en 2012 4'600 personnes dont 2’500 enfants. IM2 et AIM2 présentent de manière ludique la recherche scientifique développée au sein du NCCR et permet ainsi de remplir sa mission de transfert des connaissances.
Osez tous les métiers Osez tous les métiers (IVS)- Afin d’aider filles et garçons à choisir leur métier au-delà de préjugés liés au genre, la journée Osez tous les métiers est reconduite pour la deuxième année consécutive. Le 11 novembre, garçons et filles de 6ème primaire du canton pourront quitter leur classe et découvrir sur le terrain des domaines dans lesquels ils et elles ne se projettent généralement pas : santé et soin pour eux, technique et informatique pour elles, par exemple.
IM2 Summer Institute 2010 IM2 Summer Institute 2010
1st International Workshop on Standards and Technologies in Multimedia Archives and Records (STAR) The ability to effectively manage and protect digital multimedia content in creation, collection, preservation, and dissemination is increasingly crucial as digital technology continues to produce vast amounts of valuable and irreplaceable knowledge and information. The amount of such digital multimedia information is already huge, but as we speak it is still growing at unbelievable speed and to gigantic amount of such information. The big questions are: Can data generated yesterday be searchable and displayable by hardware and software today and in future? Will digital content created today be accessible and presentable throughout its lifecycle (i.e. also tomorrow)? How to deal with the large number and quite different incompatible multimedia archives? How to ensure some level of interoperability among them? What are the requirements for multimedia long term archival in general? What do we cover today in standards and what and where are the gaps? To answer these questions (or at least some of them) the workshop aims to bring together archive professionals with technical experts working in the research, development and standardization in order to assist the alignment of user needs with the availability of technical solutions. The workshop will address with invited talks and panel discussions the following key topics:
IM2 8th Site Visit 8th Site Visit of the Review Panel November 12 - 13, 2009 ETH Zurich, Room C109, ETF building, Zurich
ICMI-MLMI 2009 The Eleventh International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces and Workshop on Machine Learning for Multi-modal Interaction will jointly take place in the Boston area during November 2-6, 2009. The main aim of ICMI-MLMI 2009 is to further scientific research within the broad field of multimodal interaction, methods and systems. The joint conference will focus on major trends and challenges in this area, and work to identify a roadmap for future research and commercial success. ICMI-MLMI 2009 will feature a single-track main conference with keynote speakers, panel discussions, technical paper presentations, poster sessions, and demonstrations of state of the art multimodal systems and concepts. It will be followed by workshops.
IM2 Summer Institute 2009 The IM2 Summer Institute
IM2 Site Visit 7th Annual Site Visit of the IM2 Review Panel
MLMI08 The fifth MLMI workshop will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, following successful workshops in Martigny (2004), Edinburgh (2005), Washington (2006) and Brno (2007). MLMI brings together researchers from the different communities working on the common theme of advanced machine learning algorithms applied to multimodal human-human and human-computer interaction. The motivation for creating this joint multi-disciplinary workshop arose from the actual needs of several large collaborative projects, in Europe and the United States.
IM2 Summer Institute The IM2 Summer Institute, organized jointly with the NCCR of Affective Science, will take place in Riederalp from 1st September to 3rd September 2008.
EUSIPCO The 2008 European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO-2008) is the sixteenth in a series of conferences promoted by EURASIP, the European Association for Signal Processing ( Formerly biannual, this conference is now a yearly event. This edition will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland, organized by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL).
NCCR IM2 – 6th Site Visit of the Review Panel
IM2 Scientific Advisory Board Meeting The program of the day features scientific presentations of the main IM2 activities.
Swiss - Japanese Workshop on Multimedia Content Structuring and Access The Japanese and Swiss participants are recognized as the leaders in their fields in the Asia and EU, respectively, and their work and experience to a large extent complement each other. Indeed, both the Swiss and Japanese institutions involved in this seminar proposal have been awarded centre of excellence status in their respective countries and have been involved with large projects in multimedia content and large-scale knowledge organisation for a considerable time. By bringing together the two leaders in these regions the aim is to build a world-leader in the research of multimedia content structuring and access.
MLMI07 The fourth MLMI workshop is coming to Brno in the Czech Republic, following successful workshops in Martigny (2004), Edinburgh (2005) and Washington, DC (2006). MLMI brings together researchers from the different communities working on the common theme of advanced machine learning algorithms applied to multimodal human-human and human-computer interaction. The motivation for creating this joint multi-disciplinary workshop arose from the actual needs of several large collaborative projects.
IM2 Winter Institute,
NIPS'06 - Learning to Compare Examples Organized by Samy Bengio et David Grangier
NIPS'06 - Advances in Models for Acoustic Processing (organized by David Barber et Taylan Cemgil)

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