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After 12 years of intensive collaborative research across Swiss institutions in the area of Interactive Multimodal Information Management, the IM2 NCCR is now approaching its end in December 2013.

Although the NCCR will be survived by AIM2, the association that will keep IM2 alive, we want to celebrate the end of 12 years of research, development, and technology transfer with an open 2-days workshop, targeting a general audience (scientists, industry representatives, scientific policy makers, and media representatives).

This workshop will be an opportunity to discuss some of the achievements of IM2, current state-of-the-art in the field, as well as scientific and structural impacts of such long-term collaborative project.

Besides IM2 talks and interactive posters sessions, we will have talks be key senior representatives in some of the IM2 fields:
- Dr. Jerome R. Bellegarda, Apple Distinguished Scientist in Human Language Technologies at Apple Inc, Cupertino, California;
- Prof. Maja Pantic, Professor of Affective and Behavioral Computing and leader of the i·BUG group; and
- Prof. Mor Naaman, Associate Professor, Cornell Tech NYC and Chief Scientist, Mahaya Inc.

The 2-days workshop will conclude with a round table discussion about the impact and pertinence of such long-term projects. The panelists will include a couple of IM2 scientists, a few scientists involved in similar initiatives outside Switzerland, one SNSF NCCR representative, and one representative of the Science Foundation Ireland (where they are running a few similar large programs).

A book, Interactive Multimodal Information Management, (published by EPFL-Press, 2013) summarizing the IM2 12 years achievements (with a chapter covering interviews from external experts) will also be released during the workshop and distributed to the workshop attendees.

Click HERE for the detailed program


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