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2010 IMD startup competition winners - Koemei, Idiap Spin-off, selected

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Every year, IMD searches for the most promising startups it can find to work with the MBA students. Over the past 13 years over 180 early-stage ventures have profited from this collaboration. Today, IMD representatives (Jim Pulcrano and Benoit Leleux) announce the twenty startups that have been selected to work with our MBA and EMBA students in 2011. Among them, Koemei (Idiap Spin-off) will participate to the venture.

Startups that will work with the fulltime MBA class of 2011

The following 15 startups will collaborate with the 90 fulltime MBA students of IMD in 2011.

Banque Pâris Bertrand Sturdza - Eric Sturdza, Olivier Bertrand, Mehboob Madhavji.

Banque Pâris Bertrand Sturdza : A new private banking paradigm for UHNWI.

Beliani - Stephan Widmer, Michael Widmer.

Online furniture retailer selling bulky items such as garden furniture, sofas, beds, tables etc. in multiple countries exclusively via several online channels from factory directly to residential clients.

Crisalix - Jaime García.

Crisalix is devoted to provide plastic surgeons with the most advanced 3D virtual simulator through the Web. 

Cloud 9 - Mahoto Harada (MBA candidate 2011).

Development of a strategic scheme for creating social enterprises with the goal of improving the conditions of minority groups facing economic difficulties in a globalized society.

Hyperweek - Raphael Briner.

HyperWeek provides the next-generation platform for major brands and organizations to socialize their content assets and enable their consumers, partners and employees to connect, share and engage.

Infrasurvey - Pierre-Yves Jeannin.

UnderGround Positioning System (UGPS) is now a reality thanks to InfraSurvey.  It opens a large range of applications in mining, caves, pipes or similar domains.

Itirion - Maurice Dierick.

Itirion provides mobile business intelligence solutions that help companies capture, analyse and use technical and administrative field data outside of traditional ERP and process control systems, and thereby achieve significant performance and productivity gains. 

Gamma Technology - Al Sommer.

Gamma Technology develops, produces and distributes a novel aluminum-based metal matrix composite (Al-MMC) family which offer impressive strength to weight ratios and are economical to machine compared to traditional MMCs.

Lumartix - Laurent Calame, Andreas Meyer.

Development, manufacturing and commercialization of plasma light sources for lighting manufacturers.

Powersens - Pascal Vacherand Denand, Marc Rocklinger.

Smart electronic shoe-insoles for the treatment and prevention of diabetic foot ulcers.

Sysmosoft - Julien Probst.

Sysmosoft provides a secure and discreet mobile solution for companies wishing to allow their employees to access highly confidential data on the move using their favorite mobile device.

VirtaMed - Stefan Tuchschmid.

VirtaMed develops and sells highly realistic virtual reality training simulators for minimal-invasive surgery. 

Memonic - Dorian Selz.

With Memonic you may capture the essential of any webpage, e-mail, word or excel document and save it to a personal online notebook.  Memonic combines the advantages of bookmarks with your private full-text archive.

Preclin Biosystems - Bettina Ernst, Ben Marsland.

A service provider of state-of-the-art in vivo models for drug efficacy studies with the up-side potential of an internal pipeline for anti-inflammatory therapeutics. 

Freya - Susana Alves, Rémi Walbaum.

Freya Cosmetics provides all the necessary infrastructure, reception staff and training to independent hairdressers, allowing hairdressers to improve their income while avoiding the recurring problems of working at home.

Startups that will work with the EMBA class of 2011

These 5 startups will work with the 56 members of the IMD Executive MBA class and accompany them to Silicon Valley in September 2011.

Abionics - Nicolas Durand.

Based on an innovative nanotechnology approach, Abionic is developing fast and low-cost allergy diagnosis devices for portable medical diagnostic uses. 

Stemergie - Daniel Leutenegger, Virginie Clément.

Stemergie is developing treatments and diagnostics for tumors by targeting cancer-initiating cells, the roots of cancer. 

Climeworks - Dominique Kronenberg, Christoph Gebald, Jan Wurzbacher.

We have developed an ecologically and economically feasible technology to extract CO2 from atmospheric air and release it as a valuable commodity. 

Optical Additives - Andreas Kunzmann.

Optical Additives provides a chemical technology that converts any surface into a solar cell, for example mobile phones, cars or buildings. 

Koemei - Temitope Ola.

Koemei is an Idiap spinout that makes it simple and cost-effective for businesses to have automated voice transcription of meetings, conference and lectures - at the point of content creation. 

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