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“Let’s talk about your future”

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If you order this brochure, you will discover research that will transform your daily life in the near future.

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There will be a time…

In the courtyard of the Collège de l’Abbaye de Saint-Maurice, one day in 2006... “I had a strange dream last night,” says Vincent, 15 years of age, to his friends Stéphanie and Samuel. “I was living in a world more advanced than ours. A world where machines were better adapted to us. We could communicate with them by speaking and gesturing… And even simply by telepathy!”

“You really watch too many movies,” comments Stéphanie. Vincent is not so sure, “Perhaps it’s not science fiction,” he says. “I heard about some researchers who are working right near here, in Martigny…” And Samuel suggests, “Let’s go meet them”.

It was thus that this past summer Stéphanie, Vincent and Samuel paid a visit to some scientists of the IM2. On the premises of the IDIAP Research Institute in Martigny, they questioned researchers from all over the world who have a common goal: creating new human-machine interactions.

If you would like to share in this adventure, we invite you to read our new publication “Let’s talk about your future”. By following the three adolescents through their meetings with the IM2 scientists, you will discover research that will transform your daily life in the near future.

This publication marks the end of the first phase of IM2. It provides an interim report on this program and outlines what will be explored in the next few years.

Please feel free to fill in the following form, if you want to receive a copy. We hope that you will enjoy reading the brochure and feel confident that you will be pleased to learn about our activities.

  • Controlling machines by thinking
  • Portrait Vincent Frachebourg
  • The archives of the future
  • Multimedia minutes of meetings
  • Portrait Stéphanie Lopes
  • Analyzing video images
  • A smart meeting room
  • Portrait Samuel Dubuis
  • A man in a hurry
  • "We now have to remain among the best!"
  • Portrait Hervé Bourlard
  • "There are so many possibilities still to be explored!"
  • IM2 in figures
  • Creating new human-machine interactions

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