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... KeyLemon: Winner of the Red Herring 100 Europe NCCR IM2 LinkedIn Group CALL FOR PAPERS IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING MAGAZINE New Book: Multi-Modal signal processing: methods and techniques to build multimodal interactive systems IM2 8th Site Visit Best Student Paper Award Recordings of the workshop on Foundations of Social Signal Processing Next four-year period, 2010-2013, of IM2 approved Alessandro Vinciarelli has been appointed Associate Editor for the Social Sciences Column of the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. IM2 is actively participating in AERFAISS'2010, the Summer School on Pattern Recognition and Learning in Multimedia Systems of the Spanish Association for Pattern Recognition Ed Gregg, new Idiap Financial Manager From research to application - Detecting emotions revealed by our eyes Indexed brainstorming Kooaba’s Reality Augmented With $3 Million Funding KeyLemon signe avec un des plus importants producteurs d’ordinateurs au Brésil Koemei, new Idiap spin-off is born ! 2010 IMD startup competition winners - Koemei, Idiap Spin-off, selected nViso - Un nouveau logiciel suisse décrypte les émotions Award-winning publication for Afsaneh Asaei, Idiap research assistant. Idiap researchers involved in the organisation of the next International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI2011). Active participation of IM2 in a festival for children Successful scientific workshops during the "Hérisson sous gazon" festival. Tracking the gaze and facial expression. IM2 SI 2011 photos and videos now available. BOB is born Un challenge pour start-up à Martigny Big success for the 1st edition of the International Create Challenge IM2 and "La Journée : Oser tous les métiers" KeyLemon awarded with the CTI Start-up label Klewel competes for the Oscar of Swiss Informatics! ...
c/o Idiap
Centre du Parc
Rue Marconi 19
Case Postale 592
CH-1920 Martigny

tel. +41 27 721 77 11
fax +41 27 721 77 12


Koemei, new Idiap spin-off is born !

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Koemei is a spin-out of Idiap Research Institute, one of the world’s leading independent research institutions specialized in multimedia information management and multimodal man-machine interaction.

Koemei is pioneering the world’s first multiparty collaborative conversational speech recognition platform for high-accuracy transcription in various scenarios including videoconference, telepresence, web collaboration, group meeting, class-room lecture and webcast.

Why Koemei?
Businesses, Governments and Education institutions generate ever increasing video and audio contents through either meetings, communication or training. Most often, these contents contain highly valuable, time critical information, but remain largely inaccessible. By converting these contents into text, they become more useful, accessible, sharable and manageable. We Make this Possible!

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