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IM2 Projects

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Phase III - 2010-2013

PHASE III  IM2.IP1 - Integrated Multimodal Processing   [more]
  Prof. Aude Billard (EPFL) & Dr. Stéphane Marchand Maillet (UniGE)

 IM2.IP2 - Human Centered Design and Evaluation   [more]
  Dr. Denis Lalanne (UniFr) & Dr. Andrei Popescu-Belis (Idiap)

 IM2.IP3 - Social Signal Processing   [more]
  Dr. Alessandro Vinciarelli (Idiap) & Dr. Fabio Valente (Idiap)

Phase II - 2006 -2009

PHASE II  IM2.DMA - Database management and access    [more]
  Andrei Popescu-Belis, Idiap

 IM2.AP - Audio Processing   [more]
  John Dines, Idiap

 IM2.VP - Visual/Video Processing   
  Jean-Philippe Thiran, EPFL

 IM2.MPR - Multimodal Processing and recognition   [more]
  Aude Billard, EPFL

 IM2.MCA - Multimodal context abstraction   [more]
  Stéphane Marchand-Maillet, UniGE

 IM2.HMI - Human-machine interaction   [more]
  Denis Lalanne, UniFr

 IM2.BMI - Brain machine interfaces   [more]
  José del R. Millán, Idiap

 IM2.ISD - Integration software and research demonstrators   [more]
  Mike Flynn, Idiap

Phase I - 2002-2005

PHASE I  IM2.ACP - Multimedia Information Access and Content Protection   [more]
  Prof. Dr. Horst Bunke

  IM2.DI - Document Integration   [more]
  Prof. Dr. Rolf Ingold

 IM2.DS - Multimodal Information: Deployment, Storage and Access   [more]
  Prof. Dr. Roger Hersch

 IM2.IIR - Information Indexing & Retrieval   [more]
  Prof. Dr. Thierry Pun

  IM2.IP - Integration Projects   [more]
  Dr. Pierre Wellner

 IM2.MDM - Multimodal Dialogue Management   [more]
  Prof. Susan Armstrong

  IM2.MI - Multimodal Input and Modality Integration   [more]
  Dr. Samy Bengio

  IM2.SA - Scene Analysis   [more]
  Prof. Dr. Luc Van Gool and Prof. Dr Jean-Philippe Thiran

  IM2.SP - Speech Processing    [more]
  Prof. Dr. Hervé Bourlard and Prof. Dr. Hynek Hermansky

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