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IM2 Projects Phase I

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2002 - 2005

Project IM2.ACP - Prof. Dr. Horst Bunke
Multimedia Information Access and Content Protection

Project IM2.DI - Prof. Dr. Rolf Ingold
Document Integration

Project IM2.DS - Prof. Dr. Roger Hersch
Multimodal Information: Deployment, Storage and Access

Project IM2.IIR - Prof. Dr. Thierry Pun
Information Indexing & Retrieval

Project IM2.IP - Dr. Pierre Wellner
Integration Projects

Project IM2.MDM - Prof. Susan Armstrong
Multimodal Dialogue Management

Project IM2.MI - Dr. Samy Bengio
Mltimodal Input and Modality Integration

Project IM2.SA - Prof. Dr. Luc VAN GOOL and Prof. Dr Jean-Philippe Thiran
Scene Analysis

Project IM2.SP - Prof. Dr. Hervé BOURLARD and Prof. Dr. Hynek HERMANSKY
Speech Processing

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