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IM2 Newsletter N°59 (November 2011)
    • IM2 Summer Institute 2011 and Idiap 20th Anniversary
    • Klewel launches a new product: "Triskel"
    • ISO IEC 3D Video Quality Subjective Evaluation Tests
    • Completed Thesis, Peter Vajda



IM2 Newsletter N°58 (August 2011)
    • Tracking gaze and facial expression
    • IM2 Summer Institute 2011 AND Idiap 20th Anniversary
    • Idiap Research Institute, IM2 leading house, celebrates its 20th Anniversary
    • Swiss Cheese
    • Social game “Epitome”



IM2 Newsletter N°57 (May 2011)
    • IM2 researchers on the Organisation Committee of PetaMedia
    • IM2 partners make Switzerland integrate the Management Committee of COST Action "MUMIA"
    • The Swiss Company Cinetis receives a prestigious European Multimedia Prize
    • Award-winning publication for Afsaneh Asaei, an IM2 PhD student at Idiap
    • JPEG Innovations Workshop
    • Qualinet COST NoE



IM2 Newsletter N°56 (February 2011)
    • An IM2 IP Head as General Chair of HRI2011
    • Completed Thesis, Bruno Dumas – DIVA, UniFr
    • Pomelo, a startup issued from IM2, on the way for the full kick
    • Completed Thesis, Sarah Favre – Idiap Research Institute
    • Completed Thesis, Dinesh Babu Jayagopi – Idiap Research Institute


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