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c/o Idiap
Centre du Parc
Rue Marconi 19
Case Postale 592
CH-1920 Martigny

tel. +41 27 721 77 11
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Summer Institute 2008

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The IM2 & Affective Sciences Summer Institute was held in Riederalp (Hotel Art Furrer) from 1st September to 3rd September 2008.

Riederalp is the door to a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. IM2 & Affective Sciences people enjoyed an unforgettable time on the car-free sunny plateau, with a view of the impressive Aletsch glacier. More information:


- Full program
- GEt to Know each Other (GEKO)
- Parallel sessions
- Scientific presentations, abstract list
- Poster session, abstract list
- Participant list

Content of sessions

- Quick presentations


- Scientific presentations

  • Social Signal Processing (SSPNet), File 1
  • Short-term emotion assessment in a recall paradigm, File 1
  • Structural Analysis of Dynamic Action Patterns associated with Affective States Attribution (coming soon)
  • Contextual recognition of Visual focus of attention in meetings, File 1
  • Automatic estimation of two facets of social verticality in group meetings from nonverbal cues (coming soon)
  • Social appraisal, emotion regulation, and attachment style (coming soon)
  • Investigating neural activity of the production of facial expression with electroencephalography (EEG) and electromyography (EMG), File 1
  • Towards an automatic content linking device: online document retrieval and display during meetings, File 1
  • Multimodal authentication: impact of blind dimensionality reduction, File 1
  • Feature selection for audio-visual speech recognition, File 1
  • Multimodal scene analysis from highly noisy video images: combining gaze and object detection to analyze human-machine interaction (coming soon)

- Workshops

Survey Results

Gallery of images

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