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c/o Idiap
Centre du Parc
Rue Marconi 19
Case Postale 592
CH-1920 Martigny

tel. +41 27 721 77 11
fax +41 27 721 77 12


Parallel sessions

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Scientific presentations (click here to look at the Abstracts list)

1) Session 1, Chairman A. Vinciarelli:

a) Social Signal Processing (SSPNet): A. Vinciarelli
b) Short-term emotion assessment in a recall paradigm: G. Chanel
c) Structural Analysis of Dynamic Action Patterns associated with Affective States Attribution: S. With

2) Session 2, Chairman J-M Odobez:

a) Contextual recognition of Visual focus of attention in meetings: J-M Odobez
b) Automatic estimation of two facets of social verticality in group meetings from nonverbal cues: D. Gatica-Perez
c) Social appraisal, emotion regulation, and attachment style: P. Vrticka
d) Investigating neural activity of the production of facial expression with electroencephalography (EEG) and electromyography (EMG): S. Korb

3) Session 3, Chairman A. Popescu-Belis:

a) Towards an automatic content linking device: online document retrieval and display during meetings: A. Popescu-Belis
b) Multimodal authentication: impact of blind dimensionality reduction: S. Voloshynovskiy and O. Koval
c) Feature selection for audio-visual speech recognition: M. Gurban and J-Ph. Thiran
d) Multimodal scene analysis from highly noisy video images: combining gaze and object detection to analyze human-machine interactions: B. Noris, F. Fleuret, A. Billard

Workshops (3 different sessions)

1) Multimodality in emotions and for their assessment Workshop: D. Grandjean & T. Pun
2) Multimodal data management and annotation: A. Popescu-Belis & M. Goudbeek & N. Dael
3) Sensing and analyzing nonverbal behavior: D.Gatica-Perez

Social Activity (click here to see the map)

1) Riederalp-Moosfluh:

By aerial cable, at the top ~30 mn to appreciate the Aletsch Glacier, then back (aerial cable) to the village to the Alp Museum ( for an 1 hour's tour guide in English, then back to the Hotel.

2) Riederalp-Hohfluh:

By ski lift (cable chair), at the top ~30 mn to appreciate the Aletsch Glacier, then 1 hour of walking in the mountains to "Villa Cassel" (, free time to visit, then 30 mn walk back to the Hotel.

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