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Technology and Knowledge Transfer

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A major step forward for innovation

In the IM2 NCCR, the research covers mainly basic scientific issues. Nevertheless, our main goal is to valorise our results encouraging a technology and knowledge transfer between our institutions and the industrial world developing practical applications.

A mix between the imaginative spirit of our researchers and the good understanding of the market needs would generate new innovative applications and products. Therefore, we would like to foster new relationships between the economic world and our labs.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

The advantages of the knowledge transfer are well known for a long time. For businesses, it means to implement new technologies, to develop new products and markets, to have skilled graduates working on strategic projects, to access university consultancy and facilities, etc. and for graduates, it means career development, to implement strategic projects in a real business situation, etc.

Working together is a major step forward for innovation


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